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Welcome to the home of Australia's most beautiful 100% natural skin care ranges…  Gorgeous Woman and ManOil8. Australian made and owned.

We are passionate and proud to produce fantastic anti-ageing, nourishing skin care ranges. We handcraft our unique secret blends in small batches in Australia. 

Developed over a period of 20 years, my passion is developing premium blends of 100% natural pure skin care products and also facial rejuvenation using natural methods. 

I have studied and still practice ancient methods of natural facial rejuvenation and face-lifting at my Brisbane home clinic, using our premium Gorgeous Woman Skin Care® products along with Japanese and Ayurvedic reflexology, Japanese acupressure and massage techniques. The Gorgeous Woman products work in harmony with, and enhance my face-lifting techniques.

Australia produces some of the best and sought after cosmetic botanical oils in the world.  Our vegan friendly ranges are packed full of these fabulous oils along with the finest European and international oils on the planet. We use extra-virgin, cold pressed and organic wherever possible. 

These plant oils have been used for millennia to keep women’s skin youthful and beautiful. That’s what we are all about! Every woman wants beautiful glowing skin and with our range of products you can definitely achieve this. Ask our customers! See our reviews!  


The secret to our success is simple. We know beautiful skin is healthy skin, and our premium products are all about making your skin healthy. This will give you the most gorgeous supple skin.  

We look forward to helping you transform your skin into the very best you could ever have…

Anne McBride
Gorgeous Woman Skin Care®
WomanOil8® Australia Pty Ltd

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Gorgeous Woman Skin Care®
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