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SEE VIDEO BELOW (3.4 mins)

A GW Facial Therapist will use approximately 40 to 50 facial techniques in their amazing GW Facial Therapy treatment. If you can't find a GW Facial Therapist near you or for in between treatments, this video is for you.


For centuries Japanese ladies renowned for their gorgeous, youthful, glowing skin have used facial massage techniques with blends of premium plant oils.

Try these two simple face massaging techniques with our best selling GW Argan Elixir face oil for truly fabulous results that will rejuvenate, soften, and plump your skin.  It is a must-have. If you don't already have GW Argan Elixir, you can purchase it in our SHOP.

GW Facial Therapy founder Anna (over 60 years old) recommends these two simple techniques in your morning and night skincare routine.


Use these facial massage techniques and GW Argan Elixir on your face and neck twice daily for 1 minute to give yourself the most beautiful smooth, toned complexion.


1. Face lifting techniques for smoothing the neck and toning and tightening around the jawline and jowls.


2. Releasing tight and tense muscles, stimulating collagen and elastin production and releasing and ironing out fine lines, wrinkles, and crow feet.