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Anne is providing GW Facial Therapy training courses in 2020 and 2021 to teach her unique and fabulous natural face-lifting techniques. If you are interested in taking a new direction in life, as a business or alternatively just for yourself, friends and family... you do not need any previous experience of reflexology or massage to learn Anne's GW facial techniques. 


The training course, Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation® is the result of professional Reflexologist Anne McBride’s 20+ years  of experience, developing GW Facial Therapy using natural face-lifting massage, facial yoga, facial acupressure, ancient Japanese facial acupressure, Ayurvedic face-lifting massage techniques, anti-ageing facial reflexology and secret blends of natural premium oils.


GW Facial Therapy - a unique and natural face-lift... 
an effective alternative to Botox

Anne's GW face-lifting techniques combine the best of the best with many dating back to ancient civilisations. 

Anne is constantly being asked to share her knowledge, experience and skin care products. As a result Anne agreed to provide two-day 'hands on' certificated training courses. (12 hours delivery time)

This is a fabulous treatment that not only delivers wonderful beauty benefits, but also has health and well-being benefits for the mind and body.

Great client feedback is so important
The Gorgeous Woman Natural Facial has become exceptionally popular and is being embraced by women of all ages looking for a natural facial rejuvenation that works – as an alternative to chemical skincare or Botox or fillers!
The results of the treatment are truly impressive. 

See feedback from Anne's clients here

Looking for a new direction in life?
Natural facial rejuvenation treatments, as an alternative, are now trending very strongly in the UK and Europe.

This training course is particularly suitable for people wishing to take a new direction in life and keen to learn new unique skills/techniques for  working from home, from a spa/clinic, for a mobile service or alternatively just for yourself, friends and family. Age is no barrier.


GW Facial Therapy - This is a unique opportunity
This natural and effective facial rejuvenation system is also a unique opportunity for existing reflexologists, massage therapists and beauticians who would like to diversify and add to their services.

This treatment could enhance your existing business by allowing you to bring in new clients and offer an alternative to your existing clients. It has been proven to bring clients back on a regular basis. Usually monthly or fortnightly.​


GW Facial Therapy Certificated Course

Course delivery time is 12-hours over two days.

Lots of different techniques are taught so the therapist can work on youthful firm skin, mature skin and delicate, fragile, sun damaged skin.
The GW Facial Therapy course is a mixture of approx. one third theory and two thirds practice. Full Training is also given on the skin care products used during the treatment and for maintenance in-between treatments.
The GW Facial Therapy Training Manual is very comprehensive and includes step by step instructions and pictures for every one of the techniques.

A GW Facial Therapy Certificate for Japanese Facial Rejuvenation signed by Anne will be issued for attendees who successfully complete the Course.

Includes Access to all Gorgeous Woman products
Eleven beautiful premium Gorgeous Woman products are used during the treatment.

If you wish to use GW products you will be able to - Six of these (not for resale) products are currently available for practitioners  use only. In addition other wonderful products used in the treatment can be purchased wholesale by the certificated therapist for resale to their  clients for ongoing maintenance in-between GW facial treatments. 

Limited numbers
Anne has requested student numbers be limited for each training course, depending on location to 10  maximum.


​​The Next GW Facial Therapy Two-Day Training Course will be held at:


Pacific Resort - Cleveland
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November 2020

Cost of the GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation training course

​Total cost is $750 with a $375 deposit payable now to secure your place. The balance of $375 is payable 30 days before the course commences.

To make a payment to secure your place -
Register and pay your $375 deposit here

Cancellation/Refunds: We thought it best for everyone to book the course based on a flexible arrangement -  should Covid19 or other reason cause us to cancel/reschedule a course you will be given the option - your credit card will be refunded immediately or if you prefer you will be given a priority place in a future course. Also, if for whatever reason you are unable to attend a course, you will be given the option to attend a future course or if you prefer with at least 30 days’ notice you will be given a refund.


After we receive your Registration/Deposit
We will contact you. We like to know more about the field you work in eg massage, beauty or if you are starting a new business venture or simply wish to learn for family and friends.

Thank you
Anne's helper :-)

Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial Rejuvenation®

ゴージャスな女性の日本の顔の若返り(Japanese translation)

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