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Anne McBride the creator of the Gorgeous Woman Skin Care® range, specialises  in GW Facial Therapy anti-aging treatments. Anne's area of expertise includes natural face-lifting techniques, facial acupressure, ancient Japanese facial acupressure, Ayurvedic face-lifting massage and anti-ageing facial reflexology. See feedback from Anne's clients here


Training Courses 2021

Anne provides training courses to teach her unique and fabulous natural face-lifting techniques. If you are a beauty or massage therapist or interested in taking a new direction in life, as a business or alternatively just for yourself, friends and family... see more

URL - www.gwfacialtherapy.com


GW anti-aging products used during the facial therapy rejuvenation process, were developed by Anne over a 20+ year period  to work in harmony with, and to enhance her face-lifting techniques.

Gorgeous Woman Skin Care® is a premium plant based range focusing on anti-ageing, super nourishing products for smooth, silky, hydrated skin. 


Our GW anti-aging skin care products are only available for purchase from this web site shop or from GW Therapists.

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