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Information about some of our 100% natural botanical oil ingredients

Discover why our Gorgeous Woman and ManOil8 range of skin care products work and give such fantastic results. We use only Mother Nature’s very best! We have never, and never will use toxic ingredients, petro-chemicals, fillers or parabens.

'We have proven beautiful skin is healthy skin' 

Only the very best premium oils are used, sourced from reputable sources, organic, cold-pressed and Australian wherever possible. Small batch, secret blending methods... only two people know the blending process and the proven secret recipes.


Important please note, we would never recommend that you use any one plant oil individually for skincare. Either carrier or essential oil - especially essential oils. Oils are incredibly rich, nourishing, and restoring and if not blended correctly with other oils, can cause irritation, redness or even burning. In a perfectly balanced blend, using a dozen or more plant oils, even the most sensitive skin will benefit. The following information about ingredients should only be used as a guide as this information is what is popularly known about the ingredients and may not have been proven scientifically to be correct.